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pretending to be organized [Mar. 3rd, 2033|10:42 am]
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It's chronological except for when it's alphabetical.


Call It the Grace of God (Frau, Teito)

Survival of the Fittest (Hakuren's dad/Barsburg politics)

Nevezd Isten kegyelmének (Call It the Grace of God in Hungarian, translation by aislinarchives )


Quotidian (Bruce)


Sunflower (xxxHolic; Himawari)

Wishes Granted (X; hobo!Fuuma)

short stuff (X, xxxHolic)


Getting Things Done (Fullmetal Alchemist/D.Gray-Man)

What You Make of It (D.Gray-Man/Fullmetal Alchemist; Elrics as Cross's apprentices, too)


Circus Verse
Moving Forward
The Show Must Go On - Art by cozyfire
Dancing Lessons
short stuff

Dream to Forget (Allen)

Mask and Mirror (Lavi)

The Gatekeeper (Road)

Sand Castle (Cross and Allen)

Some Confusion (exorcists set loose on normal people)

Welcome Home (Reever, Science Department)

Good Behavior (Allen/Kanda)

Learning the Hard Way (Finders)

Hard Living (Allen/Kanda)

Old Guard (Fo, Bak)

Growing Up by Accident (Allen, Kanda)

Unintended Consequences (Lenalee, Allen/Kanda-ish) - Art by a1y_puff

Maschera e Specchio (Mask and Mirror in Italian, translation by youffie_17 )
Crescere per Caso (Growing Up by Accident in Italian, translation by youffie_17 )
Welcome Home (in Italian, translation by youffie_17 )
Un po’ di confusione (Some Confusion in Italian, translation by youffie_17 )
Imparare a propie spese (Learning the Hard Way in Italian, translation by youffie_17 )
Случайное взросление (Growing Up by Accident in Russian, translation by jayazz )
Непредвиденные последствия (Unintended Consequences in Russian, translation by jayazz )
Старая гвардия (Old Guard in Russian, translation by jayazz)
Только вперёд (Moving Forward in Russian, translation by jayazz)

Hard Living read by rhea314
Good Behavior read by rhea314

DOGS: Bullets & Carnage

Down Time (Badou)

Blank Slate (Nill)

Walking the Beat (Doug, Nails brothers)

Mephistopheles (Heine, Badou)

Behind the Times (Nails brothers)


Mr. Nice Guy (Kadota) - Art by shiroyue

Fullmetal Alchemist

short stuff (FMA & Hero Tales)

Rest for the Wicked (post-series)

Cause for Concern (Havoc, little Elrics)

Chaos Verse
Defying Murphy's Law (Ed/Roy)
Dining In (Ed/Roy)
Experimental Engineering (Winry/Havoc)
Family Business (Ed/Roy, Madame Christmas)
Cradle Robbing (Rebecca, Al/Riza)

Crazy!Ed AU
I. In Defiance of Reason
II. Justifying the Means
III. Theory and Practice
IV. Spin

It's a Party (Hawkeye, Ed)

Responsible Adults (post-108)

Blood and Silk (Lust)

Chaos Verse read by opalsong

Harry Potter

Refraction (H/D)

Hikaru no Go

Echoes (Mitsuko)

All the Pieces (Waya)

The Trouble with Tournaments (flashfic)


Mirror Image (Arthur, Mal, Eames; Arthur/Eames)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Relative Reality (Gokudera, Yamamoto)

The Dead and the Forsworn (Hibari)

Tsunahiki (Tsuna, Reborn)

What We Fought For (real!mafia AU)

Purpose (Yamamoto)

Mist (Chrome)

On the Outside (Iemitsu)

Countdown (Tsuna, guardians)

Close to Home (Hibari/Chrome, children, disasters waiting to happen) - Art by orangebuttons

If You Can't Beat 'Em (Hana)

For the Love of the Game (Yamamoto, 8059ish)

The Balance of Devotion (Giotto/G)

Tsunahiki (in Russian, translation by miroveha)


Leaving Well Enough Alone (the concerned classmate attack)

Pandora Hearts

The Devil May Care (Oz)

The Value of Experience (Alice)

Maintaining Perspective (Break)

Steady Now (Oz/Gil)
A Guide to Raising Perfect Children (Ada, Oz)

The Lord's Duty (Leo, Elliot)

Life on Loan (Echo)

The Wrong Story (Oz, post-60)

Sherlock BBC

Possibly We're Fine (John, Sherlock)

Beautiful Ideas (Mike Stamford)

Everyone Loves a Scandal (Irene Adler)

My Life That You Might Live (John, post-Reichenbach)

Кое-что о прекрасных идеях (Beautiful Ideas in Russian, translation by jayazz)
Возможно, мы в порядке (Possibly We're Fine in Russian, translation by jayazz)

Soul Eater

One Damn Thing after Another (Soul/Maka)

Teen Wolf

The Whole Truth (So Help Me God) (Stiles)

Play It Again (Stiles/Derek-ish; Stiles & everyone)
This Doesn't Hurt (Melissa, Isaac)


[User Picture]From: questofdreams
2010-07-02 06:24 pm (UTC)


Oh sweet beans *mems*
[User Picture]From: metisket
2010-07-02 07:14 pm (UTC)


^_^ Yay!
[User Picture]From: muumuu122
2010-07-02 09:28 pm (UTC)


Hey yay! :D There are some I haven't read.
[User Picture]From: metisket
2010-07-02 10:40 pm (UTC)


Hooray! ^_^ Actually, there were some I didn't remember writing...
[User Picture]From: unimagine
2010-07-06 02:52 am (UTC)


Heyyyy, delurking again.

This is awesomesauce. :D Rereading your fics is always a joy. You're the only DGM author I read, come to think of it.

[User Picture]From: metisket
2010-07-06 06:27 pm (UTC)


XD *waves*

Thank you so much! And yay, I'm glad the list is useful! :D I've been meaning to organize stuff for a while, but...


yeah, there isn't an excuse, really. ^_^
[User Picture]From: sirfeit
2010-07-06 04:02 pm (UTC)


Me: metisket had some good book recommendations. I shall go look them up.
Livejournal: metisket has new entries!
Me: What? Oh, look, a really fancy list thing. OMYGOSH THIS MUST MEAN THAT CRAZY!ED VERSE IS DONE. OH GOLLY.
Livejournal: And! Now that we have all these fancy things in one place, you can come back and read it ANYTIME YOU LIKE.
Me: -makes homepage-
[User Picture]From: sirfeit
2010-07-06 04:06 pm (UTC)


Livejournal: You know, Crazy!Ed verse is not actually done.
Livejournal: -hides smug grin-
Me: Stop that, you.
[User Picture]From: psunym
2010-07-11 01:01 am (UTC)


Stumbled upon your fics just today, read all the ones I was familiar with (Hikago, FMA) and LOVED them. Do you mind if I friend you so I can stalk you for fic? Because of course that's totally normal. Heh.
[User Picture]From: metisket
2010-07-11 02:43 am (UTC)


Thank you! :D I'm glad you enjoyed the fic!

You're totally welcome to friend. Friends are happy. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: metisket
2010-07-29 06:18 pm (UTC)


*looks expectantly at long-suffering beta*

*twiddles thumbs nervously*

XD Soon there will be KHR, soon!

And I'm working on the crazy!Ed, I am nearly finished! But in the interests of honesty, I will tell you something: once I've finished this last section, I'm going to FREAK OUT. I will have to reread it far too many times and compare it to canon and try to be sure that I haven't done anything especially stupid (probably with limited success). It will take a long time for me to let it go. Like maybe a month. I'M SORRY, my brain, nothing can be done with it. ;_;

The hope, of course, is that you'll like it when I finally do let it go. *hopeful*

Thank you so much for the comment! Certainly there should be something up by next week. I think I hope. :D
From: recordclip
2010-08-15 10:25 am (UTC)


Hi! I found your crazy!ed fics recced, and thought I'd read them and they were AWESOME! HILARIOUS! JUST SO GREAT! So then I had to read all of your other Full Metal Alchemist fics, which were also good. And now I'm going to read your other stuff even though I've never heard of the fandoms because I know they'll be just that great. :)
[User Picture]From: metisket
2010-08-16 04:31 am (UTC)


Hello! :D

I'm so glad you liked the crazy!Ed! XD Every time I talk to my beta, she is like, "Sooooo...are you done with crazy!Ed yet? Are you close to done? HOW CLOSE ARE YOU to done? ???"

IN THE MEANTIME, I really hope you enjoy the rest of the fic, and, um. I hope it makes some kind of sense. XD

Thank you for the comment!
From: hollyivy7
2010-08-29 07:30 pm (UTC)


Yay, all the fic in one place. I feel like this should be required for all good authors. :P
I remember looking at your recs once upon a time. Is there a way to find them all easily like this list?
Also, this is probably weird but whatever. I am asking for a rec for recs. As in your recommendations of really good recommendation sites/users. Um, one preference, no het-filled romance ones. A little het is okay. :)
Thank you, if you have the time to do this some day.
[User Picture]From: metisket
2010-08-30 06:02 am (UTC)


:D I'm glad it's useful! book recs? They're all under the book recs tag, but I guess I should make a list... Maybe I'll tack it onto the end of this one, when I get some time. :) My fic recs are all in my memories. They're pretty orderly; I'm kind of proud of their orderliness. XD

I can't think of one site I really trust for book recs...I have a reputation for reading way too much, so people tend to come to me and rec me things. This makes me either very lucky or very unlucky; I haven't decided which yet. XD Still, I know the New York Times Book Review is pretty solid, as is Locus for sci-fi/fantasy. Plus there's always the option of wandering into a bookstore and demanding to know what the people there like best. Always an interesting experience. You learn strange things about the employees, for one thing. :D (Ummm, so Biomega is your favorite story of all time, comic bookstore guy? That's...well, okay. ^_^)

Or do you mean fic recs? If so, I can hunt up the list of places I look most often, if you'll give me fandoms you're looking for. :)
[User Picture]From: brassbell
2010-10-02 09:03 pm (UTC)


So today I happened upon your Soul Eater fic--which was AWESOME, by the way--and was all "Ooh, this is cool." Then I looked a little further and saw you wrote for FMA and D.Gray-Man and ASDFJK;L ALL THE THINGS I LOVE! Your book recs are pretty rad,too. :D Mind if I friend you so I can bask in the awesomeness?

I apologize for sounding incoherent/like a creepy stalker. ^_^;
[User Picture]From: metisket
2010-10-10 11:43 pm (UTC)


Hello! Sorry for the late response--I was away.

But thank you so much for the comment! Yay! I'm glad you enjoy my babbling. XD You are totally welcome to friend, friends are happy. ^_^ Hopefully I'll post something good soon!

Thanks again!
[User Picture]From: bubblepulp
2010-11-11 10:17 pm (UTC)


Hello hello! I'm a long time fan but just a new time friend, and I'm happy that you added me back! I wasn't expecting it! But I look forward to every story you put out, even for fandoms I have no idea about. I love your writing to a silly degree and your characterization is always spot on!

Thanks again for adding me back and looking forward to the awesome fics. : D
[User Picture]From: metisket
2010-11-12 06:53 pm (UTC)


Hello! :D

Your journal seems intersting and also full of Soul Eater fic, what's not to love? ^_^

I'm so glad you enjoy the fic! Hah, I bet I'll be putting up a bunch of fic from weird fandoms for a while, though. Short fic from weird fandoms. (Oh, crazy!Ed, you burned me out hardcore, my friend. XD) Hopefully you'll enjoy them, anyway. Maybe I'll even FINISH ANOTHER SOUL EATER FIC, wouldn't that be nice? o_O *is dreaming*

[User Picture]From: crown_celestial
2011-01-29 02:02 pm (UTC)



sorry for the creepy comment OTL I just found your A Guide to Raising Perfect Children and I was totally hooked. And then I checked your fics and you wrote Himawari-centric AND Nill-centric fics, both whom are favorite female characters of mine and THE FICS WERE SO GOOD. AMAZING. I'M JUST FLAILING OVER HERE. The way you write is just so spot-on. ♥

Also I adore your Leo and Elliot fic (though as usual, Pandora Hearts canon continues to prove everybody's theories wrong every chapter) because your Elliot? SO. MUCH. LOVE.

Anyway I'm just flailing over here and reading everything you've written. (JEEBUS, KHR AND SE FICS? MOAR FANDOMS HUFFAH!) 8D
[User Picture]From: metisket
2011-01-29 06:25 pm (UTC)


XD Yay!

I'm so glad you're enjoying the fic! :D Especially the Nill and Himawari fics, actually--I was pleased with the way those turned out, so. *twirls*

Haha, Leo and Elliot. That fic, I KNEW it was going to be jossed as soon as the new chapter came out. I knew! Ah, well. I can't complain when the new chapter turned out so awesome. And creepy and upsetting, obviously...oh, Pandora Hearts. XD

heheh, I hope you enjoy the KHR and the Soul Eater! Maybe I'll post a new KHR fic this week. Iemitsu, Nana, misadventures in parenting... :D

Thank you so much for the sweet comment!
[User Picture]From: nayu_chii
2011-02-03 01:12 pm (UTC)


Marry me.

Okay. Maybe we don't have to go that far. We could just elope somewhere.

(Will stop with the creepy 'compliments' now)

But you're catching the drift here right?

Read some of these a dozen times now I love them that much <3

You know, I've always hated Roy/Ed... But you made a believer out of me.

Your DGM and FMA stories have become my life. (Is also in love with your Hikaru no go ones and wishes there were more :( )
[User Picture]From: metisket
2011-02-03 09:04 pm (UTC)


Well, okay, so long as we only elope. *hates weddings* XD

I'm so glad you're enjoying the fic! Haha, and especially that I converted you to a ship, THIS ALWAYS GIVES ME AN EVIL SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT. :D :D :D

So at this time, I'm working on a couple of DGM/FMA crossovers. Hopefully they'll turn out okay?

AND it pretty much works out that I write another HNG fic every time I reread the series. ...I'M DUE FOR A REREAD, RIGHT? XD Heh. Maybe. So many things to read, oh my God. ;_;

Anyway, thank you again! And I hope you continue to enjoy the stories. ♥
(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: metisket
2011-04-22 06:35 pm (UTC)

PH & DGM spoilersssss


*waves* Thank you so much! XD I'm really happy you're enjoying the fic!

But yeah, this has been a rough month in manga, hasn't it?


I KNOW, RIGHT? Mochizuki Jun, usually I adore you, but just at the moment, you are ON MY LIST. And of course Vol. 14 has an amazing Elliot cover. OF COURSE IT DOES. ;_; *hates evil authors, haaaaates* It's not enough to stomp on our hearts, she must then jump up and down cackling. It's not right, it's not reasonable.

Maybe I'll write something fantastically depressing and Oz-centric about all that. In fact, I think I will. *nods* God, now no one is safe. I keep looking at the cast and wondering which one will get the axe next. At this point it could be ANYONE. Except Vincent, of course. He'll live forever.

brb traumatized for life.

On a positive note! I actually have a Tsuna/Hibari fic already half-written. I READ YOUR MIND, YOU SEE. XD Man, that pairing. I think the thing I love most about it is the extreme level of insanity Tsuna would have to attain to make it work. But I believe he could do it, I do!

Oh, DGM, I don't even. I don't have enough understanding of that series right now to dare to write for it. Because, like, men are women, bad guys are good guys, people are dissolving, Leverrier's doing nice things, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FEEL, the whole world is upside down. o_O Maybe someday I'll have some clue what the hell is going on, and then I'll be able to write for it again...? *hopes*

In any case, thank you so much for the comment! And hopefully I'll finish up that Tsuna/Hibari fic fairly soon. ^_^
[User Picture]From: orangebuttons
2011-04-24 08:10 pm (UTC)


SO now I've read every single one of these, and even went through new mangas just to be able to read the fics for series I haven't read.

[User Picture]From: metisket
2011-04-25 06:49 pm (UTC)


L-lol, OKAY, I'LL WRITE FASTER. XD There are a bunch of things nearly done, and they should be up soon! (assuming I don't stall on them at the end, which happens more often than I might like. o_O)

But I should post depressing Oz fic today? And then papa!Hibari fic not tooooo long after that. fffff *hides* Hana fic, Tsuna/Hibari fic, Giotto/G fic, all are theoretically almost finished. Also Kekkaishi fic!

Thank you for the comment, and especially for picking up new series to read the fic! H-hopefully you enjoyed those series... XD ♥
(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: metisket
2011-08-01 02:48 am (UTC)


Pandora Hearts <3 <3 <3. It gets more amazing EVERY CHAPTER. The characters start out interesting and become fascinating. The main character, Oz (*points to icon*) is very Allen Walker, if Allen had gone wrong in a slightly different and more obvious way. The plot seems to have an actual overall plan (!!!). And the author is a hideous sadist who foreshadows tragic deaths IN THE GOOFY OMAKE MATERIAL.

I love her; she owns me. XD

I also recommend 07-Ghost! It also starts out slow and turns gradually amazing.

...KHR, meanwhile. ^_^; It is this terrible addiction I can't quit. The series doesn't properly begin until 60-odd chapters in, and from then on it is alternately breathtakingly amazing, incredibly stupid, and awesomely wtf. It's almost worth reading just for the fantastic fandom. I think all the great KHR fic is a mad attempt to DO SOMETHING with the unused potential of the series.

The Noise Marie fic! I'm still writing it, I swear I will finish it someday! He IS more awesome than ever. Soon I'll reread all of DGM, and then I'll be able to do it justice. *nods* :)

Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service ♥. STILL THE BEST THING EVER. :D
[User Picture]From: matchynishi
2011-12-05 03:16 am (UTC)

d.gray-man 210


lsjdflaksjflksdalkj sorry for just barging in like this, but i just read the latest chapter, and alskdjflakjdflakj



okay. okay i'm done. never mind the crazy spazzing, i just needed someone to understand and.... you were it...........*flees*
[User Picture]From: metisket
2011-12-05 04:15 am (UTC)

Re: d.gray-man 210



Seriously, Kanda has become my Ideal Dream Kanda, I don't even know how to ACT, every chapter, it is like, "DID YOU REALLY JUST SAY THAT OR IS THIS AN EXTENDED DAYDREAM SCRREEEEEEAM."

Kanda: Why are we trolling the red light district for Allen Walker?
Johnny: ...Do I really have to explain this to you?


God, it's making me miss Cross so much. ;____; You gave Allen nightmares about so many weird things, Cross. WORLD'S WORST ROLE MODEL. *loves loves loves*

Kanda's recognition of Allen via homicidal urges BEST THING EVER. Drunken Johnny! Kanda sadface! (ffff I did not even know he knew how to make that face or indeed feel that emotion.) Lenalee and Noise lying to Komui! AND LYING BADLY.

And God, Allen in Mana's clown paint. That boy has so many issues. ALL THE ISSUES. ♥♥♥

Now all I want for Christmas is Lavi. *stares at Hoshino*

IN CONCLUSION: I understand your squee. Oh, do I ever understand. XD
[User Picture]From: dessieoctavia
2012-01-04 07:38 pm (UTC)


I like your fic so I'm Friending you. Hope you don't mind.
[User Picture]From: metisket
2012-01-04 08:50 pm (UTC)


I don't mind at all! I hope you continue to be entertained. :D
[User Picture]From: milkymao
2012-01-31 09:36 am (UTC)


Hi! I got your name in dgrayman Comm in LJ. I hope its fine if I read your works. ^_^
[User Picture]From: metisket
2012-01-31 05:32 pm (UTC)


Sure, I hope you enjoy them! :D
[User Picture]From: yuki_1989
2012-02-17 03:39 pm (UTC)


Okay, maybe I'm going to sound like a creepy stalker or something like that, but I've to say it: I worship you. And because i'm in a KHR mode I'll add that I worship you to the extreme!

I've no words to say how awesome your works are! I've found your Pandora fics some weeks ago and I've loved them. I mean, your Oz is amazing: he's so creepy it's not even funny and yet he's so IC! And Break! I'll just say he was simply perfect!

But that was nothing, absolutely nothing compared to what you've written about KHR. At some point I had dropped the manga (and I'm still not following it, though I'm considering to catch up) but your works made me love it again! I love you characterization: I love your Tsuna, your Gokudera (especially because he always seems ready to freak out for nothing), your Yamamoto (even if he's one of the creepiest Yamamoto I've ever seen!), hell I even love your Hana and I'd completely forgotten who she was! Also I'm really impressed by the attention to detail you put into your works. I'm Italian and I can say your fics are always very accurate and this is not something you find very often in a fansfic!

Well, maybe I wrote a little too much, but I really wanted to say how much I like your works! I hope it wasn't too creepy ^^
[User Picture]From: metisket
2012-02-19 04:02 am (UTC)


:D Thank you so much! ♥

I'm so glad you like my Oz and Break! They're actually sort of...similar, in the most distressing way imaginable. XD

And I'm glad you're liking the KHR fic! Oh KHR characters, so strange and amazing. :D For the record, the current arc in the manga is much better than the last one, so it may be worth catching up now. ^_^

I'm Italian and I can say your fics are always very accurate. I think this is the NICEST THING YOU COULD POSSIBLY SAY TO ME. I worry about that constantly. I've spent a fair bit of time in Italy, but not so much time that I' know...confident that I'm not messing things up. So thank you! ♥♥♥
[User Picture]From: vital_signs1719
2012-03-17 02:50 am (UTC)


I've been a creepy lurker for a long time, but I just wanted to say that I love your fics. Seriously. You write for so many of my favorite shows. I keep coming back to reread and reread...

(A friend of mine was sitting next to me when I was reading your Hibari/Chrome kidfic, and asked what was going on when I started laughing my head off in part 1. I giggled, "Fanfic!" And then she asked me what was going on when I started crying while reading part 2. I wailed, "Fanfic! ....The same one." You are amazing.)

Also, I've got a question: Have you ever considered writing for the TV show "Leverage"? Because you'd write an awesome Parker. (She's crazy in all the best ways.) And a wonderful everyone else, too. But I thought of you because there's not enough awesome!crazy!Parker-voice in fanfic.
[User Picture]From: metisket
2012-03-23 07:33 pm (UTC)


Oh, thank you so much for delurking! :D I'm glad you're enjoying the fic. ♥

And I'm especially glad you liked (or at least laughed and cried at) the Hibari/Chrome kidfic. I was terrified to post that one. I mean. KIDFIC. fffff

Haven't seen Leverage...but I've heard good things, and I'm apparently on a TV-watching kick now, after having watched NOTHING AT ALL for years. XD So it could happen! I've been watching White Collar most recently, which...lololol, Neal. No wonder Mozzie likes you, you validate every conspiracy theory he has. ♥
[User Picture]From: bookworm_faith
2012-05-09 05:02 am (UTC)


*goes to re-read all your FMA stuff*
[User Picture]From: metisket
2012-05-09 06:59 pm (UTC)


:D Yay! *well pleased*
[User Picture]From: aca_ica
2012-08-10 09:37 pm (UTC)


Hi! I found you through the a rec from a friend of mine in the KHR community and I have to say that your fics are all brilliant and OMG *flails* everything you've written are gold. never ever stop writing okay? On another note, do you think you'll ever consider writing any fics for Thor/Avengers fandom? Specifically a Thor/Loki pairing ( or Thor & Loki gen) fic? I'm just wondering because I think those two's relationship is so deep and conflicted and there's so many feels surrounding their interactions towards each other and reading your fics makes me think that you'll be an awesome author to write something for them. The way you grasp the characters quirks and voices is always amazing to read so I thought you'll be perfect. Of course if you are not interested then that's fine too because I know that pairing is not for everyone. In any case, I just want to say how amazing your fics are and I hope to read more from you in the future XD.
[User Picture]From: metisket
2012-08-15 07:27 pm (UTC)


Hi! I'm so glad you're enjoying the fic! :D Hopefully I'll get something else posted in, like...a month or so? Inception fic. And maybe I'll finish another KHR fic after that.

Oh man, Avengers fandom. For some reason, Loki is like the least interesting character to me, which is...WEIRD. SO WEIRD. He should be exactly my cup of tea, right? WHY, BRAIN? It's doubly weird because actual Norse mythology Loki is one of my hands-down favorites. What's up with this apathy?

I have no idea. But if I ever do write anything Avengers (fairly unlikely?) it's going to be Black Widow and Hawkeye and Hawkeye and Black Widow and maybe Darcy and Coulson and Tony Stark can play too sometimes. I almost went to Budapest this summer, which sadly fell through, but if I HAD gone to Budapest then it would have been nonstop Hawkeye & Black Widow in Budapest fic. Possibly with Coulson and Fury on the side. I think I love them so much because they're only human, but they hold their own with, you know, superhumans and supergeniuses and GODS. *stares at their crazy faces*

Hope you enjoy the fic to come! ^_^
[User Picture]From: michip
2012-12-17 12:31 am (UTC)


I would just like to say that you've ruined me for pretty much all other DGM fic ever...I read your DGM and FMA fic last month and it revived my love for all things Allen Walker and related and I went on (and am currently still on) a manga re-read and *sigh* thank you. I really really needed a reminder of how awesome this series is.

No but seriously, I tried to read other DGM fic after reading your stuff and I just...nothing could hold my interest? There was always something missing. In that line, I absolutely love your characterization of Allen, there's something terribly endearing and sad about his kinda-subtle-kinda-not crazy. Oops. But I'm going through the recs that you posted in comments above me!

Anyway, again, thank you for your wonderful writing! It's a great pleasure to read!
[User Picture]From: metisket
2012-12-17 05:26 am (UTC)


Thank you very much! I'm glad you've enjoyed the DGM and FMA. ♥ Man, I really need to reread DGM, too. I'm way behind. *cringes*

So happy you like my take on Allen! I've always loved how secretly...maybe evil is a strong word, MANIPULATIVE he is. All those years with Cross, they'd scar anybody. XD

Hope you enjoy the recs! I also have more recs in my memories, if you're interested. Thank you again for the comment!
From: (Anonymous)
2013-03-12 02:00 pm (UTC)


Hello there! I've only just found you through an old online recommendation forum for good DGM fanfict and.. Woah, wow and.. Err.. IAMAMAZED! Does that cover it? ...No.

Just.. This is awesome. I read your crossovers for FMAxDGM and.. Please continue them!! And your yullen fics are the sweetest thing I've ever read. If I had any doubts that their relationship could work then they would be gone by now. Ugh! It's all so good!!

Can I ask about your update schedual? Are you random or is there some order I've not been stalking long enough to figure out? Oh, and why are all the good fics somewhere ambiguous like here--? seems so mediocre right now. Maybe it's just in the light of your awesome characterisation but none of them really entertain me anymore. Hmmm... -.-"

Umm, it's probably all been said before but keep writing!! You're very good at it and - gah! Please continue with the DGM ones! I'm really interested in the crossovers right now, and few people (yourself excluded) can do them right.

:) till another day! Tah~
[User Picture]From: metisket
2013-04-13 12:44 am (UTC)


Hello! SORRY FOR THE OUTRAGEOUSLY LATE RESPONSE (I was hospitalized, that is now my excuse for everything I've ever done wrong), but thank you so much for the sweet comment!

My update schedule is completely, completely random, sorry. :( There is a lot of good fic on AO3, though! I've found it to be better in general than ffnet, definitely.

Hopefully I'll be posting more regularly soon. ♥
[User Picture]From: natcat5
2014-01-25 04:42 am (UTC)


Ngggshshs if you ever write KHR fic again let me know. Your Reborn stories are a thing of absolute beauty.